House lead

We are all aware that Technology is a huge part of our lives and becomes more advanced on almost a daily basis. There are some of us that make being technologically savvy a more integral part of their lives. Smart Homes have started to become more popular in recent years and have reached a high level of sophistication. Smart homes can feature everything from remote thermostats, to surveillance systems, and automated door locks. Not to mention...

Theatre lead

Derrick Mckee known as @unbound_brewer on Instagram embraces one of the more unique and personalized cable management applications, a home theatre! Having a complex home theatre has its benefits and its drawbacks. Who doesn’t love a 52in television with all the bonus add-ons that allow us to watch our favorite blu-rays in HD or 3D with surround sound?

Gold lead had the pleasure of attending the 75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally from August 3rd -9th 2015. We have a great group of motorcycles to share with you over the coming weeks! We couldn’t help but start by sharing this custom creation with you!

Basshead lead

Our new Instagram @wireharness has led us to a lot of great Wire Harness examples, many of which we have featured on this site such as @CarAudioCulture. It has also led us to Tord Larsen known as @tord92 who shared his simple cable management project with us. He is a self-proclaimed Bass head who does a nice job on sleek assembly.

Computer lead

Lately I have been surfing the world of Instagram for some unique and well-made Wire harnesses. I often find a lot of harnesses under the hoods of souped-up cars and in Audio systems. However, computer cable management is just as complex and potentially visually appealing as uses in other industries...

Camera lead

We see Techflex sleeving products used all around us. We can find it in cars, on boats, in hundreds of industrial and in-home applications. The applications for Flexo PET and other sleeving products are almost endless. I was recently behind the scenes visiting the set of the Bravo TV series...

Cac lead

When looking for examples of Wire Harnesses, Instagram is an awesome place to look! The variety of ways to manage cables and wires is endless and the applications vary greatly. For example, I stumbled upon...

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