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Investing a small amount into a project can sometimes make a significant difference. Manuel Llamas, who runs the @909Chevelle Instagram page, knows from experience. He retold his story to his followers in an unsponsored video about the Painless Performance Products® ClassicBraid™ Performance Wiring Wrap Kit

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Editor’s Note: has passed the mic over to our friends at CableOrganizer® for this post. As experts in cable management for over two decades, CableOrganizer® has their fingers on the pulse of what has been trending in cable management in 2023. Are you ready to take cable management to the next level in all areas of your life, whether in your home, garage or workplace?

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When many people initially think of braided sleeving, they often first consider its uses for bundling bulk cables or harnesses. Realistically though, there are thousands of beneficial ways to apply this versatile protection.

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Did you try ordering the screen accurate Flexo® PET neon yellow braided sleeving with the black tracer from WireCare® for your Proton Pack mod, only to discover it ghosted you? If you were slimed while waiting for its return, we’ve got some great news — the sleeving has returned to the WireCare® website.

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This stunning BMW i4 M50 was the latest automotive visitor that pulled into the Techflex® R&D Center this past week. It’s a beauty both on its exterior and interior, but especially what’s underneath the hood...

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For perspective, the median home price sits at just around 100k less than the Aston Martin DBS that pulled into the Techflex garage this week...

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In the years of late, audio power cables have become almost as important as the speaker themselves. Gone are the days of interference from power cables and, ushering in an era of sweet sounds, in comes the beautiful “The Air” by WK Audio.

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