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When many people initially think of braided sleeving, they often first consider its uses for bundling bulk cables or harnesses. Realistically though, there are thousands of beneficial ways to apply this versatile protection.

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Installing wire protection isn’t just about the physical labor: inside knowledge of the best product options and techniques is fundamental for maximizing efficiency and getting the job done right.

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Porsche announced this week that they have created the world’s first braided wheel. Having seen the advantages braiding can add to a wire harness we are excited to see this new use for a great technology...

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Need to protect wires from pesky rodents? Techflex's NEW Flexo Rodent Resistant is the answer...

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Neutrik's newest line of


When we asked our buddies over at IS-Motorsport about Raychem heat shrinkable adhesive components, we expected them to send us a few loose pieces to play with. Instead, we opened a box with a handful of gorgeous harnesses, fully assembled and showcasing a nice...

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Creative Cabling Solution's patented PULL ELBOW™ cabling tool allows you to pull cable around corners as easily as pulling through conduit. This re-usable tool has no moving parts to cut or pinch the cables. It mounts in seconds when pulling cables...

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