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Toyotatrdsema lead

The 2013 SEMA show had several outstanding engines on display and one of the most fun was the Toyota Racing Development engine. With its cutaway views of everything and the moving parts still functional you could picture a classroom full of kid racers staring into every nook and cranny. I saw grown men poring...

Semaorangef6 lead

What a great display and harness work at the MSD booth at the SEMA 2013 trade show. The use of the orange Techflex F6 sleeving over the systems was a real standout. The MSD Atomic EFI incorporated a highly polished set of wiring including many Deutsch DT and DTP products...

Chevelle lead

Under the hood, the Canadian “JESEZGRL” boasts a LS2 motor, a myriad of Gates hose clamps keeping the hoses connected as well as some neatly dressed hoses and wires.  Techflex’s Dura-Flex Pro was used on the hoses while the versatile ...

Knotsonmars lead

When NASA builds something like Curiosity, the Mars rover, nothing is left to chance. The newest technologies, the most advanced materials, the smartest and brightest experts all come together to produce a tecnological marvel. But look closely at the wiring. Yep, that's lacing tape managing and ...

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