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Camera lead

We see Techflex sleeving products used all around us. We can find it in cars, on boats, in hundreds of industrial and in-home applications. The applications for Flexo PET and other sleeving products are almost endless. I was recently behind the scenes visiting the set of the Bravo TV series...

Cac lead

When looking for examples of Wire Harnesses, Instagram is an awesome place to look! The variety of ways to manage cables and wires is endless and the applications vary greatly. For example, I stumbled upon...

Ogre lead

I recently discovered Andrew Johnson, (known as @aj217_hertz on instagram) while checking out some wire harnesses. Andrew is working on customizing the audio system in his revamped 96’ Honda Accord and is using Sky High Car Audio systems (@skyhighcaraudio). His personalized wire harness caught my eye, and I’m sure it would catch yours!

Lexus lead

Pushing the limits is what separates us from the apes. Humans don’t need to get to their next meal at 170mph but for many of us it feels good to know we could if we wanted to. All this power comes with a heavy burden on the engineers at Lexus to fit more power into a small space and they did it in style...

Honda lead

This 2002 Satin Silver Metallic Honda Civic EX with a EM2 Chassis is a highlight project of its builder Raymond Humphrey, known as @em2r.ay on Instagram. The car has been upgraded with...

Havoc lead

Chris Mears had all of the audio cables from his entire home converge into one spot and end on a shelf in his closet. The massive quantity of wires were unorganized and unprotected, coming out of a roughly cut hole in the wall. To clean up and protect his wires...

Underhood lead

I had a chance to drive and look under the hood of a new 2014 BMW M6. Nothing to say but Wow! This is one of the most amazingly powerful and richly detailed vehicles I have ever sat in, no less been fortunate enough to drive.To my great pleasure I found...

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