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This stunning BMW i4 M50 was the latest automotive visitor that pulled into the Techflex® R&D Center this past week. It’s a beauty both on its exterior and interior, but especially what’s underneath the hood...

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For perspective, the median home price sits at just around 100k less than the Aston Martin DBS that pulled into the Techflex garage this week...

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In the years of late, audio power cables have become almost as important as the speaker themselves. Gone are the days of interference from power cables and, ushering in an era of sweet sounds, in comes the beautiful “The Air” by WK Audio.

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When a legendary car company pulls out all the stops and creates a car for people with practically no budget, they roll out supercars that most of us can only dream about...

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BMW has created the 'ultimate driving machines' generation after generation. The M3 earned it’s reputation in the late 80’s by dominating the World Turing Car Championships. The E30 generation M3 became a dream car for many during those years and the...

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Customizing your wire harness is a way of expressing your creativity and personal style. @ibrahimhamdy on Instagram recently shared his Computer Mod project with us. His stlye includes some awesome neon green sleeving and cooling system.


The California Polytechnic State University, FSAE Team participated in the Formula SAE Competition and have shared their 2015 car with us!

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