Why We Like Wire Loom

(Article Posted in Products MAY 2021)

Installing wire protection isn’t just about the physical labor: inside knowledge of the best product options and techniques is fundamental for maximizing efficiency and getting the job done right. Many professional and layman installers alike favor split wire protection products because they can be applied at any time during the installation process. Already installed your wire harness? No problem! A split product, such as split convoluted tubing (also called wire loom), can be fit right over it. Split convoluted tubing is a corrugated loom typically made from nylon or polyester. Flexible and dependable, it’s popular across the board with installers and a particular favorite of automotive OEMs.


Cable management giant Panduit® is a popular choice for top-grade split convoluted tubing. They have an excellent general purpose PET Wire Loom that will suit a wide variety of applications, as well as more specialized versions like this Nylon Loom for high temperature and automotive applications. If you’re looking for something a little more economical, companies like WireWrap offer a number of simple, streamlined options, like this colorful Plastic Loom.


Looking to maximize the durability of your installation? Here’s a trick we’ve learned from well-practiced wire loom users. After applying your split convoluted tubing, wrap it with spiral wrap and electrical tape! We have two great options here: Spiral Wrap and Electrical Tape

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