Toyota TRD Harness at SEMA

(Article Posted in AssembliesNOVEMBER 2013)

The 2013 SEMA show had several outstanding engines on display and one of the most fun was the Toyota Racing Development Engine. With its cutaway views of everything and the moving parts still functional you could picture a classroom full of kid racers staring into every nook and cranny. I saw grown men poring over the engine like it was their first time seeing a transmission.

Toyotatrdsema 1

The harnesses were a standout too, with Deutsch Autosport connectors, Hellermann shrinkable boots, Fabric shrink tubing, Custom shrink labels, and special TRD "Race Tubing". I tried to confirm if this material was a custom branded DR-25 or just a diesel resistant from some other manufacturer. The wire work was clean and professional and all tied back to a McLaren fuel injection and engine control system which is beyond first class.

Toyotatrdsema 2 partner product with McLaren Electronics and Freescale Semiconductor not only looks beautiful but incorporated the Deutsch Autosport connectors for the 3 major racing series. IndyCar, NASCAR, and Formula 1. Keep up the good work Toyota and thanks for the great SEMA 2013 display engine.

Toyotatrdsema 3
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