Havoc to Harnessed

(Article Posted in AssembliesMAY 2015)

Chris Mears had all of the audio cables from his entire home converge into one spot and end on a shelf in his closet. The massive quantity of wires were unorganized and unprotected, coming out of a roughly cut hole in the wall. To clean up and protect his wires, Chris used Various sizes of Beige Flexo PET Sleeving to cover, and match the wires to the color of the surrounding paint. He also used a Flexo mounting system to keep his cables bundled nicely and give his wall a professional looking finish.

Havoc 1

To finish the job, Chris used Clear PVC Heatshrink to properly secure the sleeving to the ends of the wires and labels each wire for easy identification. The final product is a neat, well-protected, professional grade installation, completed without the need to hire a professional and at a very reasonable price!

Havoc 2
Havoc 3

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