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Sturgis 2015 was an awesome experience for everyone who attended and was no exception! We spent 6 days admiring and drooling over the examples of motorcycle craftsmanship filling the streets of Sturgis. During Sturgis there were some awesome wire harness and cable management set-ups that couldn’t escape our attention!


Randy Riggs known as @original35 on Instagram has a show stopping 2003 Infiniti G35 Coupe with a slick custom blue paint job. Randy has customized this car from top to bottom, especially under the hood...

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Taylor Thorne, @thornett2 on Instagram gives us an extraordinary example of wire harnessing in the car audio industry. Nobody can deny the sophistication and complexity of the audio system in his...

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I love when an unexpected source provides a great wireharness! We expect to see a wireharness in the automotive industry, a computer mod, a home theatre and the audio industry. Who would expect a company like ...

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In an earlier case mod article we promised you a more wild and crazy case mod setup and here it is! Neil Holmes known as @neilauren on instagram shared these photo with us of his ongoing PC modding project. Neil is into gaming and has quite the setup to prove it...

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We are all aware that Technology is a huge part of our lives and becomes more advanced on almost a daily basis. There are some of us that make being technologically savvy a more integral part of their lives. Smart Homes have started to become more popular in recent years and have reached a high level of sophistication. Smart homes can feature everything from remote thermostats, to surveillance systems, and automated door locks. Not to mention...

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Derrick Mckee known as @unbound_brewer on Instagram embraces one of the more unique and personalized cable management applications, a home theatre! Having a complex home theatre has its benefits and its drawbacks. Who doesn’t love a 52in television with all the bonus add-ons that allow us to watch our favorite blu-rays in HD or 3D with surround sound?

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