Installing wire protection isn’t just about the physical labor: inside knowledge of the best product options and techniques is fundamental for maximizing efficiency and getting the job done right.

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The world of online cable management product distribution saw a big change this winter when industry giant filed for bankruptcy protection. Thanks to some quick thinking, our friends at Igwanna were able to rescue the majority of the assets and inventory and get the website back up and running. As of today, looks and feels better than ever.

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When a legendary car company pulls out all the stops and creates a car for people with practically no budget, they roll out supercars that most of us can only dream about...

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BMW has created the 'ultimate driving machines' generation after generation. The M3 earned it’s reputation in the late 80’s by dominating the World Turing Car Championships. The E30 generation M3 became a dream car for many during those years and the...

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Porsche announced this week that they have created the world’s first braided wheel. Having seen the advantages braiding can add to a wire harness we are excited to see this new use for a great technology...

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Customizing your wire harness is a way of expressing your creativity and personal style. @ibrahimhamdy on Instagram recently shared his Computer Mod project with us. His stlye includes some awesome neon green sleeving and cooling system.


The California Polytechnic State University, FSAE Team participated in the Formula SAE Competition and have shared their 2015 car with us!

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